I first heard Brushfire Fairytales in 2003 when my girls were just wee ones.  and jack was just a surfer who had made his first record.  today i still love to start my day with these three songs, here, here, and here.  they hold absolutely no significance to me personally, i just like the way they make me feel and i love hearing my children running around the house going le,de,de, de,da,da,da-dah,da-da, la da, da da da, da-hah, da-dah.

i didn’t like “to the sea” at first but now i realize how close those songs are to my beloved Brushfire Fairytales and now everyone knows who jack johnson is.  i used to feel that his songs were the background to my life.  now they are the background to a lot of people’s lives.

but to me he will always be the surfer singing songs about love and the goodness of this earth and if a lot of other people get to enjoy that too well then all the better.  to me i’m just happy he picked up a guitar and opened his mouth and decided to share his thoughts with the rest of the world.

and for carrying this reminder in my head all day:

move like a jellyfish, rhythm is nothing, you go with the flow, you don’t stop



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3 responses to “jack.

  1. How funny, just last night we were at our friends house who organizes music festivals. She was talking about trying to get JJ and I was telling her how much I loved his music, and BAM, there you are with a post about him.

    We always seem to have that freaky connection. 🙂

  2. one of these days I am going to make a CD of him for yoga.

  3. Sheri

    I adore Jack! We saw him about 7 years ago when he was touring with Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. He had me from the moment he stepped onto the stage barefoot with nothing but his guitar.

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