I finished my current Mondo Beyondo list.  It has 28 hopes, wishes, dreams and possibilities in it, some tailored to a certain place, some not, some tailored to certain people, some not, some very distinct, some very open and I wrote them all in a beautiful blue pen and sealed them away with a kiss.  I am a great lover and admirer of lists,  but this was a very different sort of list because this list has no boundaries.  It could have said fly to the moon.  It didn’t, but it could have.

I have kept a list of things I’ve wanted to do for some time.  I started my 43 things list years and years ago.  I just brought up my last 43 things list from 2008.  I kept some of the old, scrapped some, added some new.  I started a new 43 things list this past week.  Because some of them are my Mondo Beyondo items, I’m not listing them all….

What would you add to your list?

#41 see the Northern Lights

1. get to 1,000 grains of rice on

3. practice yoga three times a week consistently.

5. master 1o recipes from my Bon Appetit magazine collection, inside and out.

8. master the perfect peanut butter cookie.

9. file all my papers.

10. create a schedule for my online time and stick to it for a month.

12. revisit Maine on vacation.

14 meet one of my blog friends in person.

25. attend a class at Kripalu.

26. complete reading Kahlil Gibran.

29. master the basic French sauces.

30.  visit Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.

31. reach my 100 things declutter goal.

34. kiss someone passionately.

35. weed out my strawberry bed.

39. have someone catch my book from bookcrossing.

41. see the northern lights.


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9 responses to “lists.

  1. i have seen the northern lights just like this!!!!

  2. okay, let’s meet at kripalu and practice yoga together. while there we can cook a dinner out of Bon Appetit and eat homemade peanut butter cookies after.

    please don’t be offended, but I will pass on the kissing passionately though : )

  3. p.s. love your header too.

  4. I hope #14 is me, lol.

    I always wanted to see the Northern lights. My husband has and he says I would love it. I know I would.

    I love the new header too.

  5. Mondo Beyondo – I must investigate this further. Love you list of aspirations: seeing the Northern Lights in this life time is definitely one of mine.


  6. cool header. cool list. i’d add take an alaskan cruise to mine…someday i’m going to make it.

  7. Lisa …. if it’s you she’s talking about in #14 … I’ll flip ya for it ; ) Where I live we recently had a sneak peak of the Northern Lights! I also have cookies. Just sayin’.

  8. Aebbe

    I have a list on 101 things to do in 1001 days…..

  9. Aebbe

    oops, I gave the wrong link! It’s

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