Just Now 9.16.10

Taking this week’s Just Now from the “The Whole Truth” with Mark Bittman in this month’s Whole Living magazine.  Just because I really liked it.

If I Could Say One Thing To Myself 20 Years Ago: it’s okay to go find yourself.

My Favorite Place In The World Is: outside on a bed of moss within the shade of the trees.

The Lesson I Keep Learning Over and Over: Patience, still learning.

The Movie I Watch When I Want To Laugh: Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, makes me almost pee my pants laughing.

The Most Scared I’ve Ever Been:  when I thought I had misplaced  my daughter.

No One Knows: exactly.

Unhealthiest Thing I’ve Ever Passed Off As Dinner: Hamburger Helper

Personal Philosophy: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”   -Anais Nin

Book That Changed My Life: “The Places That Scare You” by my beloved Pema Chodron

I Unwind By: music and wine.

Proudest Moment of My Career: My first annual review at my first “real job”.  I felt like a grown up.

What Keeps Me Up At Night: thinking there is not enough of me to be what everyone needs.

I define “downtime” as: lying on the bed with no one calling my name.

Coffee or Tea: Coffee on the weekends, tea morning and night.

Guiltiest Pleasure: You Tube.

My Mom Was Right About: telling me I was strong.

My Mom Was Wrong About: thinking I wouldn’t be successful without college.

The Last Time I Lost My Temper Was: last weekend, at the girls, for leaving their  bathroom a disgusting DISASTER area.

My Favorite Moment of the Day: those quiet first moments after I put the girls to bed and dim all the lights.

I Wish I Had More Time For: walking about with the camera.

I Always Make Time For: friends.

I’m Currently Reading: The Wishing Year by Noelle Oxenhandler

Home Means: a cloud of warmth.  from an old woodstove and a family.



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5 responses to “Just Now 9.16.10

  1. if there were a “like” button – I would click on it.

  2. Yes, a “like” button would be good about now. I’m with you on so many things on your list, but I must say I chuckled the most at “down time” because that’s definitely my version too. :>) Just a few years ago, my days would begin with “Mommy!,” move on to my boss bellowing “Conny” throughout the day, and ended with “Sweet dreams, Mommy!” It’s nice to be needed, but hey, having your name called all day long is tiring.

    Have a wonderful, sometimes quiet, weekend.

  3. i remember that feeling of having the girls tucked in bed and quiet enveloped the home. such a sweet feeling. now, i must say that i like it when my girls are home and awake! i can’t wait to sit with them on the couch and hear about their day. seems that they’re hardly ever here anymore. guess that comes with teen years and being able to drive. life is full of cycles – ups and downs.

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