fall is creeping in.  pumpkins are showing up in the stands along the road.  we have reached that point where it is just a little bit dangerous to walk the back path because of falling acorns.  ker-plop.  the nights have been downright crisp.  i roasted a chicken, made mashed potatoes.  apple season has arrived and Emily and I made an apple galette this morning.

smoke is rolling in from somewhere and soon it will be the scent of woodstoves in the evening.  blankets are back on the beds, shorts have been traded for long pants and everyone is a little perturbed at the feeling of long sleeves and shoes and socks again.  but it is excellent hiking weather, the leaves are just starting to litter the trails and next week will be the harvest festival.  more cider to press, another scarecrow to ride home in the passenger seat of the car.

i was sad to see summer go.  i almost didn’t want to let it  because it held so many wonderful memories this year.  but fall, oh my fall, you are my favorite time of year.



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7 responses to “incoming.

  1. christine roberts

    i was always a summer junkie…until i got a little older…now, fall is my favorite season. taking a walk in the evening (all those delicious smells!) and coming home to a cup of coffee and a little nibble of dessert! yes, please!

  2. my fave season too!

    so glad to hear that summer was great for you.

  3. Incoming… you can say that again. They sounded so funny ker-splooshing into the water at the lake yesterday. Does that mean we are going to get a lot of snow? This is my fave time of year too! Cheers to autumn!!

  4. It’s my favorite time of year, too!

  5. Oh, your descriptions of fall are wonderful! I wish it would cool down here. 92 today, I think!

  6. it’s good to have a change of seasons. makes us apprecite the good in all of them.
    i made a homemade apple pie last night for my book club gals that are coming over tonight.

  7. I love your photos, and your words. They are all so warm!

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