sudden undeniable exhaustion.

Suffering tonight from sudden and undeniable cleanout exhaustion, but the girls now each have their own rooms again, and…it’s…staying…that…way.

We were supposed to go to harvest festival today, but got rained out.  So here are photos from last year because, well, I’ve got to have photos.

My sheets are in the dryer, I’ll see if they make it to the bed.  The dishes are still sitting in the sink, but I don’t care.  We’ll wing it in the morning for school.

I love the actual result of a weekend spent working around the house, but I hate the feeling afterward.

And God, I wish I wasn’t on a self-imposed wine fast.



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2 responses to “sudden undeniable exhaustion.

  1. Denise

    i had that same exhaustion last night after spending all day in the kitchen. hope your monday goes well.

  2. sounds productive. us working moms tend to do this to ourself, don’t we? the work all weekend only to be totally spent come sunday night. i feel that way too. i thought about a glass of wine all last evening too. didn’t ever have it but sure thought about it.

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