the prologue.

there is a huge flock of migratory birds in the trees across the field, across the road.  i hear them.  i want to run out and photograph them, but i haven’t picked up the camera in over a week.

there are a million words bubbling inside of me that need to be written in poem or novel form that haven’t seen the light of day.

there are bright ideas forming, floating, projecting themselves up from within me that i haven’t had the time to care for and nurture.

there has been routine, tasks, chores, homework, trombone lessons, housework, laundry.

there has been much more coffee, much less sleep, much more time on the phone late at night, much more time knee deep in the trenches, less time here at the computer.

there has been an ongoing clearing, of home, body, mind and soul.

so much of this has left me bewildered.

when you say you want to dream, it is very exciting.  but there should be a prologue to the dream called: putting your affairs in order.

the birds are flying over me now as i sit here and type.  i have paused to look out the window at them.  they are on task, right where they should be right now.  i know in my heart i am too, but still sometimes i wish to fly, fly, far away.  find a place to rest out the winter.

sometimes finding that place requires a lot of hard flying along the way.

i don’t think i like the prologue so much. and i am sure the story itself will be long and great.  but i think the ending will be the best, the day that i will be resting among so many of those dreams and i can call the epilogue: she lived happily ever after.



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5 responses to “the prologue.

  1. such beautiful thoughts and words; thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh, I can so relate to this post. I agree, it is at times an incredible amount of work to move forward into our dreams. But the dream beckons, and glimmers of hope shine through. Wishing you time and space to nurture your ideas. Thank you for sharing yourself here.

  3. Yes, I am right here with you in much similar ways.

    I find it funny that when I ache most to get things done is when it is physically impossible to do so.

    Flying away, resting out the winter, sounds like a fabulous idea indeed. I could go for some hibernation of some sort, yes. People look at me cross-eyed when I say that I wish for cold weather. I want cold hibernation-inducing weather ; )

  4. We’re here for you, Jennifer! Trombone lessons! No wonder you want a little cozy hideaway. Here’s to a weekend of quiet enjoyment.

  5. i find this notion of a prologue quite intriguing. it sounds absolutely right.

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