Just Now 10.7.10


current time: 9:38 p.m.

on my mind: sending my camera out for repair.  it’s like handing off a child or losing an appendage.

in my belly: chili, cornbread and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

in my ears: “The General”, Dispatch

in the fridge: nothing.  or almost.  pineapple, greek yogurt, orange juice, tuna, leftover risotto, some salsa, lettuce and bleu cheese.  (maybe I should do this at the beginning of the week)

on the editor: the last of the flowers at Longwood Gardens.

last watched: season premiere of House.  always a little behind, but goodness, it was yummy.

on the nightstand: my cell phone.  i love reading email in bed in the morning.  the alarm goes off i grab it, roll over on my stomach, prop my arms on my pillows and read my email and sometimes, it’s really good email, Mondo Beyondo mail or from good friends.

feeling good about: bonus day off Monday and using it to go to Trader Joe’s with Mom and sister.

feeling bummed about: not having three day weekends every weekend.

last thing that made me laugh: Karen burning up a Snickerdoodle cookie in the microwave at work today.  it smelled horrible at first but then everyone who came in all afternoon kept saying, “It smells so good in here.  It’s making me hungry”.

made me pause: why does everyone assume I like John Mayer?  Am I missing something because really I don’t?



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5 responses to “Just Now 10.7.10

  1. Liz

    I don’t like John Mayer either. Happy Friday!

  2. love your plans for monday. i love tj’s but the closest on is 6 hours away ):

    i agree about not getting a 3 day weekend every weekend. unfortunately i am working sunday/monday; have to attend a conferece for work. ugh. good news is that it is overtime!

  3. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so we have a long weekend as well … I’m cooking (and baking!) our big feast so it’s busy time for me … can’t forget all the cleaning I have yet to do!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend : )

  4. on my mind: sending my camera out for repair. it’s like handing off a child or losing an appendage – I would feel the exact same way.

    I’m excited about next week. I’m on vacation, it’s my anniversary, and John and I are spending it just doing whatever we want too. I think a trip into the woods to take pics is in order, and maybe a lunch in the big city. Yea.

  5. I chuckled at your remark about maybe needing to do the post earlier in the week ~ nearly empty fridge syndrome.

    Your Wordless Wednesday post sported some very, very cool pictures! Yessiree.

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