Just Now 10.22.10


current time: 8:33 p.m.

in my mug: Root Cabernet Sauvignon

in my belly: Homemade blueberry scones, not mine, but one of our credit union members makes the most amazing scones ever.

in my ears: “A New World” from the Kingdom of Heaven Soundtrack. If you saw the theatre cut of this movie it was crap that didn’t make any sense, if you saw the director’s cut, it was pretty amazing.

in the fridge: one last piece of pumpkin cake my grandmother made that I’m trying not to eat.

on the nightstand: a glass of water and a handkerchief leftover from too many nights of sick girls in my bed.

on the editor: nothing, though there are plenty of photos to work up, it’s been a busy, rough week.

last watched: the short film above, it’s about 12 minutes long, but 12 minutes to surely make you smile.

feeling good about: a phone call I know is coming tonight, as it does every night and having someone ask me again, everyday, how my day was and mean it.

feeling bummed about: not having anyone I truly believe in to vote for and realizing that any type of humanitarian who would make real change will never make it in the system.

last thing that made me laugh: the girls at work, they always make me laugh, like climbing under the counter out of embarrassment so no one can see kind of laughing.




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2 responses to “Just Now 10.22.10

  1. J
    That was sosooososososo awesome. I laughed outloud and teared up a little too 😦 Then they met and YAY! You are one neat friend. I like what you find and share!

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