Just Now 10.30.10

{the girls with stickers from Aunt Karen}

current time: 9:18 p.m.

in my mug: cuppa tea

in my belly: warm  brownies

in my ears: Matt Costa’s “Astair”

in the fridge: acorn squash and cauliflower

on the nightstand: my ipod and my Neflix copy of “The Illusionist” I’ve had now for over two months and watched probably fifteen times.

on the editor: photos from last fall, camera still out for repair, today’s photo taken with my point.

last watched: “Babe” with the girls, Karelyn doesn’t remember watching it when she was very little. “That’ll do, pig.  That’ll do”.

feeling good about: an evening curled up with my girls, brownies & milk, and a good movie.

feeling bummed about: it’s not gluten.  we’ve been completely gluten-free a week, and still the stomach woes.

last thing that made me laugh: my grandmother, sitting, talking at my kitchen table today.



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2 responses to “Just Now 10.30.10

  1. I wonder if the stomach woes are as simple as anxiety and nerves? When I was little I was so nervous about everything and it always affected my stomach…possibility you think? Just a thought…

    Sounds like a nice evening around your place…cozy and quiet. 🙂

  2. i really dig these snapshots of now. do you mind if i borrow your format?

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