The Vote

I have  sworn to not talk politics here, but somehow it does creep in now and then, and today I am going to post about it again.

Here is my conondrum.  I hate the system we have in place.  I feel for all it’s intended strengths, the two-party system, DEMS vs REP’s, will never allow us to get anything worthwhile accomplished. I gave up a long time ago  believing that any true good will come out of the government and spend most of my time more interested in the works of some of my favorite philanthropists, humanitarians and general do-gooders.

Until Election Day. Election Day is kind of my reality TV addiction.  I get so engrossed in internet news updates and Facebook debates (Facebook has to be THE place to be on Election Day for entertainment) that I even forget to eat or go to bed.  I get SO caught up in all the drama.  The reality is in the end it doesn’t really mean too much to me, new faces coming in to face the same problems to be resolved or more than likely not and I know that’s a crappy attitude.  I really don’t care to fix it.  I don’t want to bail out on my DEM’s, join the REP’s or join a tea party (unless there are scones, if there are scones, I’M IN).  I’ll just do my due diligence, make sure I vote the best I can and then wake up Wednesday and go back to following and supporting my do-g0oders.

I am a registered Democrat (aren’t you surprised) but I more vote with my heart.  In the past I haven’t paid as much attention to local politics, but like everyone else this year, I inhaled as much information as possible about all our local and Maryland candidates, and as it seems (unlike a whole lot of people) I didn’t vote party lines.  I split my vote.

But I tend to shy away from Republicans.  Except it seems maybe a couple of Republicans I seem to be kind of fond of.



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4 responses to “The Vote

  1. This is what I posted as my Facebook status today: And after all the shouting stops, then what? For those of us who serve (paid or unpaid) those without voices—the homeless, the hungry, the ill, the unemployed, the disenfranchised, the young, the old, our friends and neighbors—the people of this country whom both parties have abandoned—the results this week just mean we go right on mending the torn social fabric of our communities.

    Parallel thoughts? I think so. I woke up Wednesday morning to a state (Ohio) that turned from Blue to Red overnight (I’m Blue) with friends cheering and jeering at the outcome. We are facing an economic crisis that cannot be solved by either party at either the state level or the national level.

    And meanwhile, the list of those without hope and with fundamental needs just gets longer and longer.

  2. Sometimes if I dwell on the global or national scope of politics, and place too much emphasis on the problems in the world or our country, I can feel that helplessness that is all to common.

    So, I try to focus on concentrate on my little sphere….myself, my home, my family, my neighborhood, my community, my state….and listen for the stories of progress in people’s lives, be they ever so small. That is both uplifting and encouraging to me…the small joys…the small triumphs — and observing so many people that ARE looking out for others’ interests…

    I’m also very select in who I listen for news gathering — preferring C-Span or the internet at times to the ranting and positioning of the media “elite.”….and sometimes even take a break from listening to the “experts” or pundits at all.

    I guess, at my age, my knowledge, mores, etc., are 90% set — I allow my brain, though, to always enter that new information to help inform my decisions and choices….and am pleasantly surprised when I go against the “norm” (whatever that is 😉

    Thanks for your thoughts as always,

    • Sharon, I know. I agree, and I do shy away from it except at election time, lol. I tend to not read newspapers or watch the news on television, I catch what I need to know off of NPR on my way to work in the morning!

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