Just Now 11.18.10


current time: 9:40 p.m.

in my mug: cuppa tea, you  know it.

in my belly: smoked sausage with black beans & rice and roasted vegetables.

in my ears: “Say Hey” Michael Franti & Spearhead, the song Karelyn and I always shake our booties to.

on the nightstand: cell phone, an olive tree carved heart, and “The Slippery Year” which I cannot put down.

on the editor: daily gratitude, I cannot believe I have posted a photo a day on Flickr for 18 days.

last watched: Conan O’Brien, I love him, am so glad he has a new show, even if I have to DVR it and watch three or four days behind.

feeling good about: getting the courage to start doing real, self-portraits.

feeling bummed about: not seeming to have the energy or time to work out everyday.

last thing that made me laugh: this, shared by Sarah, if you love those darn kitty cats.

last thing that made me stop and think: this lovely quote on Twitter: “You don’t love someone because they are beautiful, you love them because their heart sings a song only yours can understand”




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3 responses to “Just Now 11.18.10

  1. moonshinelane

    What a beautiful quote…and a beautiful photo. You have very pretty eyes…:)

  2. it may sound weird, but I am so glad you posted some photos of yourself. It’s funny how we form relationships and connections through the bloggesphere, but then have no idea what the person looks like. Having a face to go with a blog is comforting and fabulous. Thank you for letting us follow along in all of your brave steps over the past few years.

  3. Kim

    I always love these glimpses into your life. It’s as if you were a sculptress, slowly coaxing your true form out of the granite. And along the way, encouraging us to do the same.
    And thanks for another book tip, I just put The Slippery Year on my Christmas Wish List. I hope I get it!

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