Life as I Know it.


You know that picture you have of  life in your head.  The dreamy one.  The one you read about on “other people’s blogs”.  Oh, if only I was a homeschooling, back to the land,  Julia Childish, yoga guruish, perfect husband, children, weather, chickens, make everything from scratch, sew my own clothes, never lose my temper, house always perfectly simple, organized, quaint and spot-free kind of thing.  That’s kind of the problem I have with the blog world sometimes.  Because in reality, none of us are all of those or even part of those things.  My favorite blogs are from “real” people because they are open, they are honest, they dialogue the good, bad and ugly.  Life can be beautiful and  messy, all at the same time.

It is Flickr, it seems, that has shown me so much more about documenting real life.  Doing 30 days of Gratitude this November has shown me how easy it is to document all these parts of life.  It’s also given me a new look at how much beauty, how much perfection there is in my life right now, just as it is.  The best part is it is much easier to grab one photo and a handful of words to sum up your day, and  flip through your Flickr contacts to see their visions of their lives through the lenses of their cameras.

Now I am a 365 dropout.  I didn’t make it past March this year taking a photo a day, so I cannot imagine (even though it is a nice thought and possibility) that I could continue a year’s worth of gratitude but I want to continue to make this daily connection with the positive in my life.  I want to continue this journey of loving my life just as it is and I am thankful for all the wonderful new contacts I’ve made there through this project.

This year has been a new path in my journey. A path of looking internally.  A path of self-acceptance.  A path that has led me to believe in myself and this life.  I don’t need to make comparisons anymore.  When I look at the things I have written, at the photos I have taken this year, they are deeply personal.  They are much more internal, much more reflective.

This is me, the way I am.  And as one of those real blog friends of mine would say, this is my life.

And I am proud of it.






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10 responses to “Life as I Know it.

  1. I had to laugh when you wrote about the “dreamy one”. There are a few blogs out there that just kill me. Who are these people and do they sleep? I mean to maintain the perfect life day after day, it must be exhausting right?

    I hope I’m one of the real people you talked about, cause let me tell ya, it’s far from perfect here, but I kinda like it that way. In fact, I haven’t posted in a bit cause…well….life is moving around me a bit too fast now and I don’t have the time to sit and write a post or take 20 mins to photograph what we ate. I do make time to visit blogs written by real people like you my friend. I’m glad this is “you” and that we keep it real everyday. I’m right there behind ya.

  2. Denise

    Oh sure, make me want to go back to my old blog again now ; )
    I still have it. Actually, I go back and read it often.

    When I first started reading blogs, I admit – I tried keep up with the Joneses. Although, I wanted chickens before I started blogging and except for the chicken part – I am not on your list above by far even the yoga part. Heck, I yelled at the ref yesterday at my daughters soccer game.

    It’s been an interesting year for me too. Still learning who I am. I’m glad for blogging and for my camera that is providing me a way to document it.

    BTW, you should be very proud of your life. You are amazing.

  3. love this post. it took me years to find contentment in who i am, my life, my home, etc. but finally, i have arrived. i wouldn’t want to be perfect. what’s the fun in that? where’s the adventure? like my husband says, “the adventure begins when something goes wrong.” there’s volumes and volumes of truth to that! i also believe that many who appear to be perfect on the outside, are broken on the inside. and, i think you rock. just as you are.

  4. You are so right, Jennifer! This post goes along so well with the new movement to embrace imperfection – why do we make ourselves crazy trying to be “spot-free”, when real life is all about the spots! I’m learning, reminding myself everyday to mellow out and not get crazy about the laundry and such. I love that quote from Nancy ‘s husband! “Adventure begins when something goes wrong.” So true!

  5. On Saturday, during the single digit, snow filled day, I found pure contentment in baking homemade rolls. While I don’t always make everything homemade, this exercise brings special pleasure in memories of my grandmother teaching me how to make and knead the dough. My sense of smell is delighted by baking bread — I also delight in a warm piece with melted butter;) Before the rolls, I made chocolate chip cookies, intending most of them for my own family over the holidays — but then, my neighbor shoveled my front walk, my tenant had done the same the night before, and my generous neighbor across the street was outside also — so my real satisfaction came from sharing a dozen-ish with each of them — with gratitude for kind neighbors and the ability to interact with them occasionally…Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. When I first started my blog and reading other blogs I felt overwhelmed. I even wrote a post about it and said how everyone else seems to have lives that are “hunky dory”. My friend (a writer, mother of 4, blogger) told me that she just chooses to write about all the good stuff, but there is a lot of not great stuff too. It was a good reminder to me that other mommy bloggers probably DO have messy houses and grumpy kids and yell sometimes. It just can’t all be perfect, right?

    Enjoy your day.

  7. I imagine I wouldn’t last too long with the 365 day photo project. To me it seems forced. Your post made me smile and I don’t really know why. I’m going to explore your flickr set now and for some reason you just came across as real.

  8. I always love visiting your blog, and frequent wise words. I love Nancy’s husband’s quote above, & agree with The Orchard, in that it’s the good stuff that’s shared most often. I figure, who wants to hear about the messy, ugly stuff? I’ll ponder it a bit more, though. I guess, in general, when I sit down to catch up on my blog friends, I’m hoping to be uplifted, so tend to share things that would do that in turn.

  9. Jan

    Thoroughly enjoyed your blog! So glad to know that everybody isn’t re-creating the universe while homeschooling! I’ll be a regular! Happy Holidays, Jan

  10. Great post. I know that feeling in visiting other blogs. Then I catch myself and say “hey, MY life is wonderful too…” Just infinitely messier.

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