Just Now 1.6.2011

Just now, I am listening to this song.

Just now, I am hiding upstairs from the children.

Just now, I think that having a laptop with wifi may have been a mistake.

Just now, I have another lovely letter from another Mondo Beyondo friend lying next to me.

Just now, I have been preparing for Karelyn’s Wizard of Oz birthday without trying to go all Martha Stewart.

Just now, I have a cup of hot tea as there can never be enough hot tea in winter.

Just now, speaking of winter, I wish I could stay in my comfy, cozy bed until Spring arrives.

Just now, I am already in my pajamas at 5:13 p.m.

Just now, Emily’s clothes covered from a chocolate milk explosion are in the washer with a load of girly underwear that always seems to run out before the end of the week.

Just now, I am refusing to take down my Christmas tree or village.

Just now, the cat is asleep next to my leg, keeping me warm.

Just now, I am avoiding cooking dinner.

Just now, I am promising myself I will lay out the school clothes and pack the lunches tonight instead of the morning.

Just now, I know that I will probably not do the above.

Just now, I am writing more than I have ever done in my entire life.

Just now I know 2011 is going to usher in some great things.

Just now I believe is the year my soul finds it’s calling.



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5 responses to “Just Now 1.6.2011

  1. I’m so glad for you that you are doing more writing and looking forward to all that is to come in 2011. And I agree, right about now I wish I could just stay in my cozy bed (or at least inside in my warm house) all the time until spring arrives. Someone needs to invent a gizmo to let that happen – or let spring come sooner!

  2. More great thoughts from you for 2011…..snow and very cold temps are forecast here for the next week or so — BOO!!!!! I, too, want spring, but I’m not yet ready for the garden and yard work just yet — need more visualizing and planning and resting and … 😉

  3. “Just now, I know that I will probably not do the above.”

    Brilliantly honest 🙂

  4. wish there was a “like” button like on Facebook 🙂

  5. in jammies at 5:13? sounds just like me. don’t you just love that? nothing better at the end of a long work day than soft fuzzy jammies.

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