(Ed’s please fall in love with Colorado shot)


March 24th.  

The airline tickets are booked.  BWI 7:20am, I’ll be there 12:29 Colorado time. 

I’m going away. In about seventy days. 


That sounds like an eternity.

It’s probably not.

I’ve never left the girls for more than an overnight.  They have left me to go to the beach house for the week with their grandparents, but in almost ten years I have never went away from them.  This is a new thing.  So now I need to make arrangements.  Where they will be and what they will be doing for those whole four days I’ll be gone. 

Four days to not be the mother, the fixer, the dictator, the nag, the keeper of the house.  Four days where I get to be me separate from being a mother.  What is that?  Will I remember how to not listen for their footsteps at night?  Will I be looking for them around the corner where they surely are not?  Will I not know how to act when I have no one to be responsible for?

Late nights.  Lazy mornings.  No obligations. 

A man  I miss so very much.

I’ve figured it out.  I’ve got roughly ninety hours.

I think I’ve said it before.  Best not to waste a minute.

I can’t wait to fill up those hours.


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  1. yay! you are going to have a ball. and, those girls? they’ll be just fine. and very happy for their mama. xo

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