Silly Girl.


You know those annoyingly in love people.

The ones with rose colored glasses.

The ones that cannot stop talking about how in love they are.

The ones who do all the cliche, cheeseball things people who are in love do.

I’m really trying to not be one of those people here right now.

But it’s really hard.



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10 responses to “Silly Girl.

  1. have some fun! revel in the love.

  2. syd

    Oh be free to be that person, I just love seeing you so happy. xo

  3. Awww come on, nauseate us with your happiness. We can take it!!

  4. Just enjoy it! And we don’t mind hearing all about it, honest 🙂

  5. What they said. 🙂 Savor every bit, rub the “in love” feeling all over yourself, and enjoy loving someone that much!

  6. Kim

    Take it and run with it Sister! There’s no better feeling in the world.

    I will read every sickening lovey dovey line you’re willing to share with us. And I will be tickled pink for you. Who doesn’t love to read about a good romance, anyway?

  7. Enjoy! When those rosy moments come, I say run with it 🙂 There are other gloomy times (unfortunately), and the rosy ones should be cherished. They can far outweigh the others many a time. I’m glad you are so cheery!

  8. Yup, what the others said. I’ll be cheering you on, and smiling with ya!

  9. i say jump right in. head first. swan dive. love is good – so is cheeseball. welcome to my world 🙂

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