Just Now 1.21.11


current time: early morning, still in bed pretending to sleep to get a quiet moment before the day starts.

in my mug: the standby, cuppa earl grey creme/english breakfast with honey and milk

in my belly: nothing yet, proud to say i didn’t eat anything before bed last night, not even the girl’s honey graham-cracker bunnies tempting me. though i’m thinking veggie omelettes are in order this morning.

in my ears: Natalie Merchant, i forgot for awhile how much i loved her writing and her voice.  this song especially, i will write another post about.

on the nightstand: cell phone, hairband, flipcam, seashell, small red heart, a card to be mailed, a cup of tea, a Toys R Us receipt for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, two batteries to be recharged and a handwritten note from Ed.

on the editor: photos from the fields beside the sea from last summer’s vacation.  we’ve reached that time of year where i start my “i hate winter” posts.

last watched: three back episodes of Parenthood, God, I love those characters, they are so well-written and i’m not a big fan of tv.

feeling good about: letting worries go and letting the universe bring a solution.

feeling bummed about: having so much trouble getting myself committed to losing the last ten pounds from last year.

last thing that made me laugh: the ongoing travails of the stinkbug named Bob who the girls have made me sworn to protect and let reside here.

and think: paraphrased  because i cannot remember the direct quote from Nick Clooney on CNN last night that he hopes he raised his children “to believe  it was their duty to watch out for those who had less power and to question those who have more”



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3 responses to “Just Now 1.21.11

  1. The stinkbug named Bob gave me a good laugh! We often have them here too, though I haven’t seen one since the fall.

  2. Kim

    Sometimes I don’t even get to finish your posts before I find myself typing away. I clicked on Natalie Merchant– love that song but had never seen the video. Gorgeous!

    And Parenthood? It’s my show of the moment– the one I get all giddy about when I see it’s been taped. I actually get kinda bummed near the end when I know it’s wrapping up for another week. Maybe I need to hoard a few and have a Parenthood marathon. Now that’s a fun time on the couch!

    Okay, back to finish the post…

  3. that parenthood show if funny. and oddly, it’s very close to reality sometimes! veggie omelets sound yummy right about now as i could use a morning snack 😉

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