time, time, time

i’ve been doing all my writing at night.  and i’m tired.  it’s been keeping me up too late, but it’s the time i seem to really settle into it and get a chance to pound the words out.  some of my best words tie together at night.  bed, laptop, music, quiet, and away we go.  i still haven’t settled on a project.  again with the stick your toes in the water but don’t dive right in kind of thing.  i have a lot of people telling me TO write.  I want you to write, they say.

i write here….often, but not often enough.  i write emails to send to Colorado at 2:30 a.m. when it’s dark and i’m lonely and unsure of how we are going to make it all work.  those emails usually contain those great big bomb words i don’t want my mother to read.  Like, *&#* this is so hard, i miss you.  i’ve started a few stories, lacking in faith to put them together.  i’ve written a handful of poems.  then just when i think about it, i find myself back at the editor focused on the photos.

never enough time is there?  i want to write.  i want to take more photos.  i want to make a new quilt.  i want to learn to sew a skirt.  i want to start a new Etsy store. i want to clean out my basement.

all in good time.

i’ll keep writing.  maybe one day it will all come together.

no pressure.



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6 responses to “time, time, time

  1. Lovely image.
    Keep at it mama!

  2. Amanda Kate

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I am in love with your words. Thank you for putting them out there for far away people to find. I am excited to follow your journey! Take care

  3. Hi there! From my personal experience with the same multi-tasking and prioritization issues when I working on a whole bunch of stuff but not actually accomplishing a single thing, here’s a suggestion: Pick one project–your quilt, your skirt, or a story–and force yourself to stay with the project until you’ve finished that one completely.

    While you’re working (especially if you’re quilting or sewing), your creative mind will be a-buzz, so have several yellow tablets within reach, one for each of the other things you want to accomplish. As an idea occurs to you for the story, for example, jot down a note on the tablet you’ve set aside for the story so you don’t forget the thought. But other than writing that quick note, don’t let anything interfere with the completion of the project you’ve set as the priority.

    Once that project is finished, you’ll have a great sense as to which project should come next based on the notes you’ve jotted down on those yellow tablets.

    Follow this prioritization process religiously, and you’ll be amazed at the number of things you actually finish!

    Just a little food for thought. Good luck! And please stop by to visit me on my blog if you have a minute. There are tons of links to explore that might be of interest/help to you. I’ll look forward to hearing from you! –Cheri

  4. Denise

    yep, no pressure. just small steps forward.

  5. Like this post a lot. As someone who has been buried writing a grant all this month, I feel what you are saying about wanting time to write. In my case, just not there yet. I tell myself “soon, soon,” but that doesn’t take away the longing. I forget (when I get frustrated with not being able to write that writing–my writing–takes times and space and work. And right now my time, space, and work belong to something else.

  6. Your words seem to always fit your images so well. I’m struggling with time too – sometimes it creeps and seems eternal, and other minutes it dashes by without so much as a “do you see me go?” I think that all we can do is try to do what we can, remembering that this time and season of life will change too… and we’ll have time for other things on the front burner.

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