to get out.


I am handling winter better this year besides the idea of an icy road that floors me and keeps me huddled indoors.  I’m sure my co-workers are cursing me as they work while I sit here typing this.  I have an aversion to the cold that I’m trying to overcome.  I just don’t like, being cold.  I am missing the parks.  I am missing the forests.  I am missing the trails.  I am missing the waters. But I have realized that as long as roads are passable we can still get to these places.  There is nothing wrong with scrambling, with sliding with exerting.  I desperately need some exertion right now.

It’s been busy.  First Christmas weekend, New Year’s weekend, Karelyn’s Birthday weekend, sleepover weekend and now we are heading into weekends filled with practice for the upcoming variety show. This weekend we will have practice, but we will try to fit in sledding as well.   I had wanted to try to find a trail, perhaps on my own if the girls go to visit their father on Saturday.  I am tired of being IN.

So many things to fit IN this life.  So many projects, so many ideas, so many interesting places to go, things to do.  The actual handling of “doing” all these things with the girls makes me tired, especially trying to cram it all into two days in between the grocery and the laundry.   I need more life time, I need more life.  Life is getting exciting, and I need some more space for it.



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4 responses to “to get out.

  1. I used to feel that way every winter when we lived back in Mi, like you said, missing the forest, trails, waters… We used to go out and exert ourselves in the snow and that was always fun, but there’s nothing like a fresh green spring after a long, white winter. I hope you get out soon.

  2. Not to mention the feeling of not having enough time for life between the mundanities of everyday existence. I think all us moms know what that’s about.

  3. Denise

    I probably shouldn’t tell you that I took my girls which includes the dog out for a walk/bike ride today on our trail. It was cold but it felt so good to get OUTSIDE!!

  4. i’m ready to be out too. i’m also tired of white. and cold. and wind. i am so looking forward to sun and warm, fresh air. can’t wait til spring/summer.

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