the second time.

the sound of his voice makes me crazy happy in a way i didn’t know existed.

he is my best friend,

the one i want to tell anything, everything to.

falling so in love with him was  a bonus.

he’s got my heart, my mind, my body, my soul.

his is the heart that sings a song only mine can understand

he might just look ordinary to you,

but he is the perfect match to me.

i can feel him even when he is not here, which these days is always.

i’m not sure of too many things……ever.

but i’m sure about this one.

sometimes falling in love the second time is even more brilliant than the first.



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3 responses to “the second time.

  1. Love this.

    What is wonderful about the second time (in my case, it was the third time) is that I had the experience–both good and bad (or, in the case of the longterm marriage to the father of my sons, very, very bad)–of the two earlier relationships. I was “older & wiser,” but most important of all, I knew who I was and I knew who I wasn’t…and I knew, for sure, that this relationship was the right one.

    Much happiness to you.

  2. so happy for you. love is bliss.

  3. Kim

    It’s funny how love knocks you for the biggest & wildest loop of all just when you’ve finally gotten your head on straight and you are happy just as you are.

    I’m so happy for you!!

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