i just need to say a thank you to everyone who left a comment on my “hating the house moms” post and i’m hoping that everyone who left a comment is here again today to read this.

i wrote that post on a night i was literally and physically drop dead exausted. i vented all my frustration on my regrets for not being what i had dreamed perhaps one day to be or maybe just vented my frustration at being alone.

when i wrote that post i was hoping it wouldn’t come across as an attack on stay at home mom’s.  i wanted it to be envious at best, because that was what i was feeling, with a weird side of tired annoyance sneaking in.

i almost took the post down the next morning because i thought it was outside of my usual nature, but then i realized that it is because of this that i should post it. i agree with what jennifer said about being tired of the “perfect blogs” where everything is always just so, like the pages of a Martha Stewart magazine.  those blogs serve their purposes and there are sometimes that I like to peruse them, but cannot do it on a daily basis.  this blog is MY life documented,  so it will of course have beautiful moments and moments of frustration.  love/hate/love.  such is this beautiful life.  

but it is nice to know that everyone has bad days.  that everyone has spills on their floors and children tearing their hair out and long, lonely days whether you are mother or not, working, WAH, SAH, single or parenting with a partner.  In the end it was nice to read what all of you wrote and it left me feeling definitely not alone.  

there is always in every minute of every day, someone having a more difficult time and someone having a less difficult time.  i am just thankful that i have come to have two things:  1. the ability to accept negative feelings, roll with them, and move on and 2.  a great tribe of people who listen to me whine, hold me up and keep me going.



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4 responses to “love/hate/love

  1. What I LOVE/LOVE/LOVE (no pun intended 😉 about your blog is that you are completely yourself. I do read the “perfect plastic mom” blogs once in awhile, but I always end up feeling like I’m falling short of some unattainable (for me) goal. I, too, was having a day where I was feeling tired (a bit worthless), and probably feeling sorry for myself when I read your post so I hope I didn’t seem like I was coming down on you for posting it. When I found your blog it was like a breath of fresh air. I wrote a very honest post (inspired by your honesty here, I guess), which I also kept thinking about deleting – wondering if maybe I’d shared too much of myself. However, I’ve gotten alot of wonderful feedback and encouragement because of that post and I fully intend to keep being honest now and have no intention of deleting it. So, I want to say THANK YOU for not being another “picture perfect plastic person” here in blogland. Also, I’ve found many more wonderful, honest and thought-provoking blogs here on your page, so thank you for that as well! Please keep being your authentic self. I really wouldn’t want you any other way! Ha ha…that sounds so silly, I know, but it’s true. That old Billy Joel song “Just the Way You Are” just popped into my head. Wow, I am a cheeseball!!
    Anyway, as cheesy as it all sounds, I really mean it and I really enjoy all your posts so please keep it up….and Congrats on being in love again…The BEST feeling in the world 🙂

  2. Denise

    well, of course – that’s what friends do : )

  3. we all live in a reality….i like that you share your reality…the good/thebad/the ugly. it’s all part of our own story of life.

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