be mine.

The first time we were together I broke up with him on Valentine’s day.

This year, I made a pretty package. Cut out confetti, glitter, red and white tissue paper, a mushy card and a big batch of chocolate chip cookies. Mailed it with a kiss and the promise of plenty of  embarrassment when it arrives at work.  Did I mention the box is pink?

Sometimes I am glad we get this chance.  Now older, we get to do this all the right way. More so, we get to really relish and appreciate it, and not take it for granted.



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2 responses to “be mine.

  1. Love this. Love second chances. Love coming back later in life and getting the opportunity not to take it for granted. (This is my experience with my husband right now: somewhere on my blog is a post about “all I wanted was another chance.”)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. I’m so happy that you are in love this Valentines Day.
    It’s wonderful isn’t it?

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