6:55 am, friday morning

here i am.

6:55 am.  friday morning.

i’ve hit the snooze alarm too many times already.

each time choosing to fold myself back under a heavy comforter.


it’s raining.

raining, not snowing.


the sound of the rain coming down is one of my favorite sounds.

perhaps it is just my love of water in all forms.

when i was young i would lie in my bed and listen to rain on a tin roof.

now i am listening as the rain trickles down this one.

melting all the snow outside for sure.

right now i am content to lie here and listen, from under the heavy comfort of the bedsheets.

but know i must get up soon.

pack the lunches, kiss the little ones goodbye, either a smack on the cheek or a nuzzle on the top of their heads.

slog through ten hours of work.

friday, the longest day.

but on the other side, freedom.


a movie to snuggle up and watch together tonight.

friday nights the girls get to sleep in my bed and i camp out in one of theirs.

i have a free weekend this weekend.

had asked if anyone wanted to go out.

but now thinking about taking my camera to the ocean.

something about all that sea.

makes me think about endless possiblity.

lying here in bed, first thing in the morning.

faint light through the windows.


makes me dream of possibilities.

before my feet hit the floor.


before the business begins.

but i’ll carry possiblity with me today.

i promise.

and hopefully, i will capture it through my lens.

this weekend.

and bring it home.



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5 responses to “6:55 am, friday morning

  1. Denise

    funny, yesterday I was reading something that suggested to stay in bed a few minutes after the alarm goes off just for this reason. plan your day. sent an intention. pray. basically, don’t jump right up unless you’ve hit the snooze button way too many times!

    enjoy your weekend.

  2. …good morning…

    it’s raining cats and dogs here, too…and the sound makes me happy.

    word has it we may get SNOW. we never get SNOW. Not since 1988. I will like it…

  3. i stayed in bed longer than usual this morning too. let lawman get the first shower. big snow storm yesterday. wish i could have stayed in bed all day. enjoy being by the ocean. i love, love, love being by water. i think it’s because i grew up by a creek and spent much of my free time either by it or in it. so soothing and comforting to me.

  4. beautiful. I just read that water is a metaphor for the unconcious, the flow of life, the way. It helps us find our way doesn’t it.

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