singing loudly and badly.

i have no photos for this post.

be thankful.

a lot of times i lament on being alone.

sometimes it’s not such a bad thing.

right now i am sitting in a hot bath bookmarking every blog i’ve ever been interested in on my laptop.

i’m drinking a mocha frappuccino.

and i’m singing an old song very loudly and badly, with no backup music.

and no one is here to raise an eyebrow.

did i mention i had a bag of potato chips for dinner?

when you are home alone, no one cares how quirky you are.

and the kids aren’t home for another hour.



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3 responses to “singing loudly and badly.

  1. Oooh, I have days like these…you basically just wrote about one of my days alone too.

    And be careful being in the bath with the laptop! 🙂

  2. Denise

    well, i may have eaten a whole bag of organic koala crisp before when no one was looking. but it was organic – so that doesn’t count right?


  3. Sounds like happy times!

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