Who Am I?

{i think we should write these all the time, not just in elementary school}


I am a sister and friend.  My Mom would call me a daughter, but my aunts and uncles would call me a neice.  To my sister I’m a older sister, but in school I’m a student.  I am a grandaughter and a great-grandaughter.  Also I am the cousin of twelve other cousins.  I am very serious about my musician part in life.

My friends would tell me I am funny and friendly.  My Mom would say I’m pretty and sometimes worrisome.  My teacher would say I’m smart.  To me I’m a singer and a animal-holic.  My dad would say I’m creative.

Here are things I like.  I love burgers and books.  Some people know my favrite colors lime green and hot pink.  I like playing outside and flowers.  In winter I like sledding but in summer I like to swim. I like skirts all kinds of them.  I like to do make up and hair.  I love snow.  I like cool stickers and dill pickles.

–by Emily Istvan, the last stages of age nine.


**********     **********     **********     **********     **********     **********


I am a sister and a friend.  My mother would call me a daughter who is almost a clone.  My aunts and uncles would call me a niece.  To my sister and brother I am an older sister.  I am an aunt lost in translation.  I was and would even now be a poor student.  I used to be a wife.  I am not any longer.  I may call myself that again, but that is hard to realize.  I am a grandaughter and for a period of time a great-grandaughter.  I live in the place of my great-grandparents.  I am the cousin of seven, two of my aunts have kitties instead.  I am very serious about the photography part of my life.

My friends would tell me I am strong and a mindful mother.  My mother would say I am courageous and sometimes prone to worry.  My boss would say I am friendly and persuasive, he would say I draw people in.  My boyfriend would tell me I am the love of his life.  To me I’m a writer and a mother.  Also, I think I’m pretty empathetic.  My Dad would say I am impatient and quick to fly off the handle.

Here are some things I like.  I love pasta and a nice glass of wine.  I love getting lost in a really good book.  Some people know my favorite colors are blue and green, the colors of the earth.  I like being outside.  I love trees, but kill flowers.  In winter I like staying inside wrapped up in blankets with hot tea and chocolate chip cookies.  In summer I like to be among the trees.  I like skirts and prefer tank tops. I wear little to no makeup and it requires a lot of time to do my hair.  I like art and really sweet but sappy independent movies.  I love olives, I always have.

–by Jennifer Istvan, ten days short of turning 39.



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8 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. Karen

    I CANNOT read your blogs without crying! I just can’t! I’m just glad I’m a sister and an aunt too! 🙂

  2. Denise

    Your daughters writing skills are amazing!! Well, as are yours. I like you. Both of you!!

  3. Ohhh…my most favorite post ever. I absolutely LOVE that Emily knows that her most important part is her creative self. I pray she NEVER lose that …that she always nurture it…and that she grows up to LIVE it.

    Emily is very insightful…and aware of her self. I love that!! And I love how you used her model to make your own…beautiful…

  4. Love this! Mind if I steal it? I think it’s just wonderful!

  5. What a thoughtful piece of writing from Emily! I love yours, too. I am always fascinated by reading these little snippets of the way people see themselves. You inspired me to write my own 🙂

  6. Loved reading these. And I’m with you on the olives :o)

  7. these ideas, steal away ladies, i stole it from Ems. i cannot wait to read what you’ve written!!

  8. both of you are beuatiful. emily sounds so mature for her age in her writing. so grown-up yet knows how to have fun and play. you sound exactly as i picture you 🙂

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