I haven’t written about it yet because I simply don’t  know what to say.  I’m so completely overwhelmed by the devastation.  And if I think I am overwhelmed by it, than I can only imagine what the people who live there are feeling.  To think that in one moment everyone and everything you care about can be wiped away with no warning.  It’s everything that you think must be fixed in this world, death, destruction, cold, hunger, grief.

And yet there is no easy fix.  I know that I for one can’t help but sit here feeling helpless.  I’ve been glued to the television in a way that I never am and I’m not one of those stop to look at the train wreck kind of people.  It’s just it looks as if it was the summer movie blockbuster, except that it’s real.

I don’t have anything helpful to say.  Nothing profound.  I have nothing to offer but my love and light stretched out to the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, for those gone and those left to grieve and rebuild.

I do know that I have been hugging my daughters a bit tighter lately.  Appreciating having a house, electricity, food, warmth.  Just the basics, not even all the extras, like coffees and yellow tulips and pizza night.

A reminder to us all.



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5 responses to “japan.

  1. Denise

    yes, totally agree. things like this really have a way of shifting perspective.

  2. I’m really at a lost with it all too. I just can’t imagine. I had to turn the news off last night. It was just too sad for me to handle.

  3. Well said. This is just how I feel too, numb and just overwhelmed by the enormity of it all and not knowing what to say. I hugged my dear ones more often over the past few days and just look at my home in gratitude. And am keeping all those affected by events in my thoughts – including those far from the site and longing for news or to see their own loved ones.

  4. agreed. words can’t adequately express all the emotions that come from such an event. definitely makes one think.

  5. Yes. Last night, my partner & I were talking about this. And how thankful I am not to have television right now, & how grateful I am for all we are blessed with. Sending our love and light as well.

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