{these beautiful gifts from my daughters, are all the gifts i need}

Yesterday was one of those days I realize how lucky I am.  I am surrounded by so many people who love and appreciate me for who I am.  It was my birthday yesterday, two cakes over the course of two days at work, the one I posted yesterday was a three-layer chocolate cake my friend Karen made and then one of our members at the credit union brought another, a citrus-y yellow cake I’ll share tonight.  Everyone at work made my day special.  A couple of our members sang  “happy birthday”, including a duet by 70 somethings Mr. and Mrs. Rice.  One of our members, one of the firefighters, offered to dance for me.  I politely declined.  I love these people who surround me everyday Monday-Friday.  Somedays, like most everyone else, it is hard to get up and get out the door, but really, these people that I work with and serve are delightful.  I have had a lot of jobs, but by far this is the best one yet.

Facebook messages went on for pages, a card from my best friend, a card and delightful gift from Lisa and then on my birthday, a card from Debbie all the way from England and it arrived ON my birthday, I look forward to a new project with her in May.  Ed’s card arrived in the afternoon, certain to make me cry.  Tonight the celebration continues, McKinney style at my Mom’s, which means, taco salad fixings and Coronas with limes spread out  across the tables, our standby meal for when we all get together.  My sister and brother both there, along with my grandparents, and my brother’s friends.  This will be a joint party as it has been pretty much off and on for the last twenty-four years, when my brother came along fifteen years and five days behind me.  I love to share birthdays with him.

In the past I knew I shared my birthday with my cousin’s ex-husband and my really scary middle-school English teacher, but found out last night I also share my birthday with that amazing force called Queen Latifah, love her and all her beautiful energy and drive, her celebration and success at doing things her own way and succeeding. Have always loved her not more so when she starred in one of my favorite books ever, turned movie.

Last night the girls made their appearance finally in the school variety show.  I love the girl’s school, it’s principal, it’s teachers, their enthusiasm and dedication, I could not buy an experience any better for them.  Weeks and weeks of practice three times a week paid off as their performance was flawless, though it didn’t matter as all those children standing on stage, in elementary school, putting their growing talents out  for all to see, wowed me in a way that reminds me to have courage.  There was no lack of support as the entire family turned out, the girls applauded and hugged and kissed by not only both their parents, but their full load of grandparents and great-grandparents as well.

I hugged the girls, commended their friends, talked with other parents, my own family and walked out into a balmy evening with no coat, going home finally to a glass of wine and  the last conversation with Ed on the phone, him being here the only thing that could have made the day any better.  In five days I will finally step on the plane and celebrate another birthday, his, with him.

I am blessed.  Beyond measure.  I keep reaching outside myself to find greatness when all I have to do is look around me and see that it all lies right here in a life so full and rich, who could ask for more.  Or as Queen Latifah says in that favorite movie, “there’s love all around you, don’t ever be afraid, WE are enough”.



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4 responses to “blessed.

  1. Love to see you so happy! You deserve every second of it~

  2. Denise

    you are enough!! what a great day you had ; ) – I am so glad for you!!

  3. Love the photo: what wonderful gifts from your girls!

  4. ok. first things first…happy belated birthday! i was off FB for several days, otherwise i would not have missed the actual day! sounds like a lovely day.

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