growing up.


my girl is growing up.

she picks out her own clothes.  if i lay something out she puts it away.  it doesn’t always make sense, but she’s got her own style and as long as she’s respectable, i’m not going to pick a fight there.

she has perfected the eye roll, and the sarcastic head wobble.  i’ve perfected the phrase “stop being a smart-ass”.

last week she had issues with a friend at school.  another friend was excluded and she stepped in and got the cold shoulder from the other friend about it. it threw her for a loop.  i wasn’t ready for catty friends until middle school, but here we are in 4th grade.  she didn’t really talk to me about it.  she emailed her best friend.  her best friend from kindergarten.   i am so glad she has a best friend confidante.  then she talked to Ed.  that’s right, apparently friend issues fall into Ed territory.

this last week she has had a few questions about her physical self.  apparently, body issues fall into my territory, thank goodness.

she’ll be 10 in nineteen days.

i’ve heard the stories my sister has told of frantic mothers running into the library asking for books for their nine and ten year olds caught by surprise by puberty.  i was shocked.  i guess i shouldn’t be.

i’m not ready for her to grow up.

but i realize i cannot be caught unaware.  so today this book collection came for her.  i’m reading it tonight in preparation before i give it to her.  it appears to be a good one.  american girl really puts out some good stuff for this pre-teen set.  she already has one of the books on friendship,  of course, i always turn to a book.

my mother gave a us a book.   it taught us a lot.

apparently it taught my younger brother a lot too.  my mother claims it’s how he got all the girls, with all of that knowledge.

but about my first-born.  i remember how sad i was when she was no longer a baby, a toddler, a preschooler, a kindergartner.  i remember my mother telling me every stage is a good stage and that they grow and change and you find new things to love about them.

for the past couple years, i’ve been watching as Nancy’s girls are growing into adults, and am in awe of her relationship with them.

i hope to have that.

in the meantime, i will cherish everything about the growing wonder of this stage of her life.  even the eye-rolls that i recognize as my own.

and then we’ll deal with the really tough issues.





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6 responses to “growing up.

  1. You’re a good mom… Seeing our babies grow up sucks. And it’s really cool…all at the same time. But I do miss my babies…and Legos…and being able to lay their clothes out. 😉


  2. we read through all those same books. we have had our share on conversations before bed as well. I actually am trying to be very open about it all. real. it wasn’t that way for me growing up. Well, at least you don’t have a boy who now has hair in his arm pits. oh, and those arm pits stink too.

  3. xoerikae

    Stumbled upon this here blog somehow or another. Not too sure how I get much of anywhere these days.
    Books are good! I do remember that, I had one of the American Girl books growing up. But can I be honest with you? Plleeeeeeaaaaseeee, dear Lord Baby Jesus, pplleeeaaaseee have some sort of conversation with her. I’m 20 and still haven’t had the BC talk with my mom. [We had “the talk” when I was 10, which was hell on earth, but it was never mentioned again.]
    Coming from someone who’s just getting done with all that – It’ll be awkward as all get out when it happens, but after, she’ll be grateful!

  4. @xoerikae of course, thank you! i expect we will have many conversations, she’s one who really needs to talk things through and understand things, but sometimes she has difficulty taking that first step.

    you rock for commenting here. glad you made it through, lol!

  5. oh, sweet friend, thank you! i consider myself pretty darn blessed to have the wonderful relationship i have with both of my girls. i attribute a lot of it to being open & totally honest with them about every.thing. lawman covers his ears (alot) when he walks in on our conversations. someday he’ll be grateful we had those conversations! it hasn’t always been smooth. i’ve received my share of eye rolls and head wobbles too 😉
    you are a wonderful mama to those babes of yours. your mother is right; there’s something new to love in each and every stage.

  6. My big girl is six, but I know double digits is only a bit away. Great book selection — I’ll have to remember those. I used to teach fourth grade, before babies. I loved how they entered the school year grasping stuffed teddies, left the school year scribbling band/boy names and testing lip gloss, stick on earrings. You’ll make it. Every phase has its lessons. [so glad I stumbled here].

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