here is where he was standing, waiting for me to find the perfect shot.

again and again and again.


always waiting for me.  to find my way back again, to find my way across the mountains and plains, to find answers to the questions that hang there between us.

he is a patient man.

i never want to wait for anything.  impatient.

he says 58 days is not so long.

i roll my eyes.


here is where he waits.

here is where i can’t stop thinking i want to be.

here is where i found bliss

in the feel of his hands stroking my hair,

in reaching out and having someone’s hand to hold,

in waking in the night assured he was there.


in that one spot,

that spot where i rest my head

and know that everything is okay.

that place where my head fits into his neck

and i know i am safe.

and i know that here

is defined only as

this place,

this spot.

my safe place.


this spot.

is where i can call home.





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4 responses to “here

  1. hmmm, this romantic love story is getting interesting.

  2. You take me back girl. You make me re-live those early days when everything was so magical and every day pulled me in deeper and deeper. It’s a wonderful thing and you wanna know something else? It just gets better and better.

  3. Very nice. Like an “ah” at the end of the day. 🙂

  4. so sweet and touching! makes me appreciate those things about my man all over again. thank you for that. sometimes the specialness of the small things get lost on the daily living.
    i take it the countdown is on…57 now, right?

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