present and grateful.

Trying to find the source of Karelyn’s stomach woes, I asked her today if she had any worries.

She railed off about a half a dozen right off the top of her head, including what if something happened to me, a girl saying things at school she didn’t agree with, missing her Dad, burglars in the house, a first grader on the bus telling her she was ugly, her grade dropping down this marking period, what if we move, etc….

“Don’t worry about what might happen, just concentrate on today.  Right now.  If you get up each day and you try your best to do what you can as best as you can that’s all Mommy expects.  Some days are going to be fantastic and some days are going to be crappy, but everyday I love you”. 

I felt she needed this advice today, but really, I think I may have needed it just as much as she did.  A reminder that right now is good enough, that I am good enough just as I am right now.  And so I did a gratitude check on myself, thinking back on  those things that made me happy today.

fresh cut grass.  the way the freckles dot across her nose and cheeks. clean sheets on the bed. the color blue. two girls to snuggle in the morning. her beautiful blue eyes.  a nice glass of wine.  a soft cotton tank top to sleep in.  cherry blossoms. calling my love this morning and hearing his sleepy voice.   old people.  love and laughter.  sunshine. the way the cat sits on the chair and stares at me sometimes.  fresh butter. magnolia blossoms. peanut butter and bananas. the dog curled up between the girls beds.  



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4 responses to “present and grateful.

  1. Denise

    been telling myself those same words. i have also been using the phrase “wondering not worrying” a lot too. life in the present is a good place to be.

  2. a sweet moment between mom & daughter. you’re blessed to have each other. that’s what it’s all about.
    wishing you a relaxing weekend with no worries.

  3. Little girl worries and loving reassurance from mom. How wonderful.

  4. Conny

    Those are the exact words I could have used as a little girl. I worried a lot, about everything. Happy weekend to you ~ Conny

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