in conversation.

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tonight was heavy in conversation.  the types of conversations that revolve around what life means to you and what it takes to have a meaningful life.  conversation on game changers and life alterers.  conversations that could go anywhere. conversations that take two people on opposite ends of everything and bring them closer.

they’re tough conversations, important but heavy with thought and consequences.

and through it all we keep smiling, and laughing, and loving each other.

and no one raises their voice or throws things.

we may just end up raising a family on a beach, wild unschooled children, cajoling the tourists for a living.

but i say fiji and he says belize.

so the discussions go on.



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3 responses to “in conversation.

  1. “and no one raises their voice or throws things.” Isn’t it wonderful being in a discussion with someone you love and not to have that happen? Learning new patterns of conversation and caring is so amazing.

  2. I’ve been reading a lot about unschooling…it actually doesn’t sound so bad. 😉 And don’t go to beliz…they have bot flies. 🙂 Glad you are in a good, loving, mature relationship. xoxo

  3. maybe you could split the time between fiji and belize?? glad you two have each other.

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