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moving day.

I realize there was no warning.

Over the course of two days, I moved the blog.

It was something I’ve been considering.

And right now the time felt right for change.

Please come along with me.  I will continue the journey here.

Update any feeds, links or bookmarks and continue with me.

I am in the process of moving the last three years of posts.

In the meantime, the existing posts will remain here.

Time for change……


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of the earth

what is it about blueberries?
 when you pop one in your mouth
you can taste the earth, a woodsiness that you get from no other food.
blueberries to me taste like a summer morning on a back path in the woods.
like fresh earth after a hard rain.
i could eat a whole bucketful right now.


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no joy.

i have no joy in the death of Osama bin Laden.  i do not dance in the streets.  chant for my country or wave my flag.

i have only a reminder of that which was lost  and a reminder that there is much more work to do to bring peace to this place.

when life becomes more important than death.

when love holds a higher place than self-importance, greed or power.

when nations or religions or cultures unite.

set aside their differences, hold on to one another for the greater good.

when everyday people see others as their own mother, daughter, sister or brother.

when we think or reflect, before we speak or act.

that is when i will do my dance.

when i will sing my praise.

i have no idea what awaits this man, who held so much hatred in his heart.

but it is not my place to know.

and so i will continue with my own struggle.

doing my part.

each day, one at a time.

to spread my message that love is a better option.

and hope to see it grow.


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different kinds of dreams.

It seems I’ve switched to a morning format for my weekend  posts and this morning the girls ARE in the bed probably against their better judgement as I’ve been waking in the night suffering the worst of this cold.

I think last night’s dreams were worth mentioning here because they were the kinds of dreams that you want to wake up and remember, not let roll off quickly before you can grasp them.

Last night I had dreams of swimming.  Which is a bit odd for me because I’m not a big swimmer.  But I was standing on the edge of a beach about to enter a competition.  Apparently it was one of three competitions (of which I dreamed of two) and there were only about ten people competing.  Though I guess it’s kind of pointless to say competing because as I spoke with my fellow competitors on the beach, we were all just hoping to finish and in addition felt a deep affection for one another for doing this together).  So there I was on a beautiful stretch of land getting ready to swim my heart out (and thinking why am I doing this, I don’t swim) and I was excited, bursting actually with excitement.  When the race started it seemed it was an odd sort of race that involved diving, then swimming in shallow waters and then climbing up and over rocks and then swimming again to get to the other side and back.  I have never seen this, but ok, it’s a dream.  The second leg of the race was on a different beach and this time it was evening.  I was standing in a hotel room and there were giant rock formations that the setting sun was throwing in silhouette along the beach (thinking now they reminded me of the rocks at Bay of Fundy, a must see if I do say so, if you’re ever in Atlantic Canada)

 image ohmycanada

I decided I needed to go photograph them while the light was just right so I headed out to walk down the beach with my camera.  As I walked down the beach trying to find a good shot there was suddenly someone beside me and I turned to them and pointed across to the left where there was a string of bright neon signs and fast food joints and said “see this, this is what is ruining things” and then I pointed across back to my Fundy rocks and the setting sun and the ocean and said “and this is what we are trying to save”.  And that is where I woke up.

In the way all dreams are this one didn’t make much sense.  The fact I went straight to my grandparents home from the first race or that there were a string of fast food joints across from my Fundy beach.  What was amazing about this dream was that all of the most important aspects of my life were all contained in this dream and in this dream itself I was so uniquely happy.

I was doing something I loved which was pushing myself and my body to become stronger and healthier.  I was on a beach next to an amazing ocean in both parts of the dream.  I had both Ed and my family there with me surrounding me in both parts and I was imparting to someone younger than myself the importance of staying away from that which is fake and unnatural for what is already whole and complete.

It may not mean much here looking at it on the screen, but it made an impact on me this morning.  I awoke with a smile and a feeling like if nothing else this dream was telling me I am on the right path.


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