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CSA Week 5 :: Bits and Bobs

Since we aren’t particuliarly focusing on one crop this week, I though I would just write a little bit about what is going on in my kitchen with our crops.

Right now we are seeing curly leaf kale added into our mix, and don’t you love it? The flat leaf kale is easy to fold over and slice out the stem if you don’t care for it, but the curly leaf is even easier. Just run your fingers down the stem and watch all the leaf fall away around you. My kale gets a wash and then a chop up and goes straight to the freezer. I would hope that some of you have tried the recipes I’ve shared here of the kale variety, but the truth is mine never makes it to the pan. I am a morning smoothie queen and these kale bits make the start that much better. The best thing is that if you properly dry the kale leaves with paper towel or a dish towel, you can simple pop the chopped leaves into a bread or English muffin wrapper and tie it off to pull out later. Great way to reuse those bags!

You may have noticed a tiny critter or two making their way home with you in your bag or box. A side effect of organic crops. Believe me, I would rather a random tiny spider or itty bitty green worm than a chemical cocktail that I cannot see. I will take the trade off any day. We are a “kill-free” home and so I have collected the couple I have found and ushered them out of doors. Some may find that silly, I suppose a paper towel or the side of a knife would work as well at removing them from your dinner.


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moving day.

I realize there was no warning.

Over the course of two days, I moved the blog.

It was something I’ve been considering.

And right now the time felt right for change.

Please come along with me.  I will continue the journey here.

Update any feeds, links or bookmarks and continue with me.

I am in the process of moving the last three years of posts.

In the meantime, the existing posts will remain here.

Time for change……

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I haven’t written about it yet because I simply don’t  know what to say.  I’m so completely overwhelmed by the devastation.  And if I think I am overwhelmed by it, than I can only imagine what the people who live there are feeling.  To think that in one moment everyone and everything you care about can be wiped away with no warning.  It’s everything that you think must be fixed in this world, death, destruction, cold, hunger, grief.

And yet there is no easy fix.  I know that I for one can’t help but sit here feeling helpless.  I’ve been glued to the television in a way that I never am and I’m not one of those stop to look at the train wreck kind of people.  It’s just it looks as if it was the summer movie blockbuster, except that it’s real.

I don’t have anything helpful to say.  Nothing profound.  I have nothing to offer but my love and light stretched out to the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, for those gone and those left to grieve and rebuild.

I do know that I have been hugging my daughters a bit tighter lately.  Appreciating having a house, electricity, food, warmth.  Just the basics, not even all the extras, like coffees and yellow tulips and pizza night.

A reminder to us all.


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Silly Girl.


You know those annoyingly in love people.

The ones with rose colored glasses.

The ones that cannot stop talking about how in love they are.

The ones who do all the cliche, cheeseball things people who are in love do.

I’m really trying to not be one of those people here right now.

But it’s really hard.


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{my photo for the new year: acceptance}

When you live alone for some period of time (say almost three years) you kind of have your own rules, or more accurately some rules need not apply.  Like closing the doors when you enter the bathroom or talking out loud to yourself constantly or eating breakfast  closer to noon on a regular basis or talking back to the movie you are watching or walking around in tanktops in the middle of winter because that’s who you are.

Then someone else walks into your home and all of a sudden you realize A LOT about yourself.  Like how quirky you are, how controlling, how much a creature of habit.  Then all of a sudden you are turning to someone else and looking at them and if you are LUCKY they are laughing at you, or smiling or finding the fact that you write an abundance of lists in colored Sharpie markers cute….not insane.

The other thing though about letting someone else into your home is that the things you thought were going to bother you, do not.  Like needing  the house to be spotless, or your hair not slapped back in a messy ponytail, or how you look naked.  Those things just fall by the wayside because you are wondering if you should remind him again for the third time to check the chocolate chip cookies because it’s your recipe and you think they might be burning (they were okay by the way, he had it all under control).

It’s amazing after years of introspection to suddenly see yourself as someone else might.

So maybe it’s not so okay to give him four reminders to check the cookies, but maybe it is okay to narrate the movie.

Maybe it’s not okay to leave the bathroom door open, but maybe it is okay to lay still and let him stare into the real you.

Because that’s what it’s all about.  Because in 2010 I found out who I was and then when I saw myself reflected in someone else’s eyes I saw the same person and I guess that’s called being true to yourself.


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filled to the brim.

i have been stressing out about Christmas.  if you know someone who is not stressing about Christmas, even if they claim to have it all done or perfect, please introduce me because i would like to verify that it’s real and not drug induced.  the funny thing is today i stopped being stressed about Christmas.

today i spent with a whole lot of people who showed me a whole lot of love.  i really, really take for granted how many souls out there care about me.  from a one year old to an eighty year old, i am blessed with people who smile when they see me.  you know when you walk up to someone and they smile and are legitimately happy to see you for no other reason but to see you?  i wish i could bottle up that feeling and carry it around with me to hand out at random.

i am damn lucky for sure.

people love you because they love you.  i realized this this year. (and i hate when the same word falls together in a sentence, but i’m leaving it).  confidence is a tough thing to come by sometimes.  it is far too easy to become your own worst enemy, only see your faults.  i love the people i do because i see their souls shine.  i don’t care that they are a little or a lot overweight.  i don’t care that they have messy hair, or a crooked tooth.  i go with their shortcomings and celebrate their goodness.

i am known to not notice things.   a haircut, or dye job.  what color your eyes are.  one time my ex-husband shaved his goatee and i didn’t notice for three days.   maybe i’m just unobservant, but maybe that means i see more to you than what is at first apparent. and maybe you see me that same way too.  maybe you don’t care that my hair is messy, or i have age spots forming on my nose, or my middle is a little squishy.  maybe you just like me because i’m, well, me.  messy but filled up with love.

at thirty eight years old i was scared to death to think about having a first date again.  on my last first date i was twenty-one years old.  take out a photo of me when i was twenty-one, full of fire and energy and youth and beauty and take a look at me now, care-worn and plum tuckered out.  that’s a little scary.  what i found though was that somehow, somewhere along the way i have found my beauty in a whole new way.  it’s the kind that comes with lessons learned and the appreciation of so much more of what you can take from this life.  my first date involved my daughters first and resulted in my youngest getting to hold his hand before me (always sacrificing for the children).  i have waited three years for  this first date and i couldn’t have picked a better person to share it with.  because this one, he sees that beauty that i see.  he sees my soul shine.  i’m just glad i got to find it first.




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Life as I Know it.


You know that picture you have of  life in your head.  The dreamy one.  The one you read about on “other people’s blogs”.  Oh, if only I was a homeschooling, back to the land,  Julia Childish, yoga guruish, perfect husband, children, weather, chickens, make everything from scratch, sew my own clothes, never lose my temper, house always perfectly simple, organized, quaint and spot-free kind of thing.  That’s kind of the problem I have with the blog world sometimes.  Because in reality, none of us are all of those or even part of those things.  My favorite blogs are from “real” people because they are open, they are honest, they dialogue the good, bad and ugly.  Life can be beautiful and  messy, all at the same time.

It is Flickr, it seems, that has shown me so much more about documenting real life.  Doing 30 days of Gratitude this November has shown me how easy it is to document all these parts of life.  It’s also given me a new look at how much beauty, how much perfection there is in my life right now, just as it is.  The best part is it is much easier to grab one photo and a handful of words to sum up your day, and  flip through your Flickr contacts to see their visions of their lives through the lenses of their cameras.

Now I am a 365 dropout.  I didn’t make it past March this year taking a photo a day, so I cannot imagine (even though it is a nice thought and possibility) that I could continue a year’s worth of gratitude but I want to continue to make this daily connection with the positive in my life.  I want to continue this journey of loving my life just as it is and I am thankful for all the wonderful new contacts I’ve made there through this project.

This year has been a new path in my journey. A path of looking internally.  A path of self-acceptance.  A path that has led me to believe in myself and this life.  I don’t need to make comparisons anymore.  When I look at the things I have written, at the photos I have taken this year, they are deeply personal.  They are much more internal, much more reflective.

This is me, the way I am.  And as one of those real blog friends of mine would say, this is my life.

And I am proud of it.





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