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of the earth

what is it about blueberries?
 when you pop one in your mouth
you can taste the earth, a woodsiness that you get from no other food.
blueberries to me taste like a summer morning on a back path in the woods.
like fresh earth after a hard rain.
i could eat a whole bucketful right now.


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Grocery Revelations

I haven’t posted about food for awhile.  The girls are away at the beach this week with the other side of the family so I was shopping for myself this week.  Picked up most of my produce and eggs at the farmstand this weekend from our Amish neighbors, but I made the trip to the grocery tonight after work.

So here are 10 random thoughts from the store today:

1.  It’s 100 degrees and the air conditioning was broken at work today, do you think I didn’t indulge in an iced espresso?  Really?

2.  I like asparagus.  Just the tops, sauteed or roasted.  Previously a “gag me” food.

3.  The bundle of of organic carrots with the greens on top, good for me, good for the rabbit.  We both win.

4. Potatoes are now on the dirty dozen list.  Spend the extra money.

5. They are no longer carrying my favorite Yogi cereal.  Boo hoo.

6.  Wish I had more time to actually make my cereal, oatmeal and muffins from scratch.  Perhaps can organize time better to accomodate this.

7. Don’t have to buy milk because A.  Kids aren’t home and I only use it in my tea and B. our local farm is now selling milk in reusable glass bottles, YES!

8.  I will stand in front of the cheese counter for 15 minutes, debating whether it’s worth spending $6.00 on imported Kerrygold cheese, when I have $8.00 worth of Gruyere in my cart.  (I decided no).

9. I will, on a whim, buy Burts Bees shampoo and wash from the baby section because it is kind to my sensitive skin and the smell of it reminds me of when the girls were babies.

10. It was nice to be back in my regular store where everything is nice and familiar and caters to my snobby eating style rather than in the discount grocery I stopped at this weekend, where I saw people with no shoes on and heard in the course of ten minutes the phrases, “I ain’t seen it anywhere” and “I need to get some puddin”.

So last revelation and I freely admit it.  I am a food snob.


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Photo Updates Or Lack Thereof

I am behind in pictures.  I haven’t posted anything on Flickr since Easter and completely missed posting Emily’s magic show.

And yes (eek) as hard as it is to admit it, I am a Project 365 dropout.  Hanging head in the shame of being someone who starts projects and never finishes them, but it was too hard right now.  I’m much more of a take 350 pictures on the weekend and maybe a few random shots through the week kind of a girl then a OMG it’s almost dark and I haven’t taken a photo today.  Maybe if I had more time….

But I still love taking photos and the girls are getting quite used to it. (As are all other children who will  be in therapy one day roll ing their eyes and saying, yes, my mom was a  blogger too AND  wow, i sure miss mom, now what to do with these 8,000 photos of flowers and food she left behind).

Because that’s what I did last night.  I grabbed a bunch of carrots out of the refrigerator before dinner and ran out the door with them and my camera, shouting back, I’ll start dinner in a minute, I just have to go shoot these carrots before I roast them…..how could I not, look at them, so gorgeous.


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Food Pleasures

I spent Saturday afternoon at Panera, just myself, a turkey-artichoke panini, a cup of french onion soup and the latest Body & Soul magazine.  It was heaven.  No children to clean up after, ask to sit down, or squabble with.  I felt like I was on vacation.

I spent my lunch hour today with a Mediterranean sandwich (roasted red peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, a feta-olive spread and balsamic vinegar, that  was heaven as well) and a new library book, The School of Essential Ingredients.  I haven’t been able to pick up and stay with a book for awhile, but this  book about a restauranteur who holds cooking classes in the evening has kept my attention.

I’m not sure where I am going with this post.  Sometimes I think that food makes a pretty darn good replacement for love when made correctly.  It satisfies a certain something in you that needs attention.  But enough about me.

Last night I made a quiche for dinner.  A crustless quiche.  I sacrificed pastry for cream because I really wanted it made with cream.  Boogirl helped me by cracking the eggs and pouring in the cream.  She gathered up the onions, the spinach, the ham and brought them over in the bowl for me to saute.  I think I found the perfect amount of cream versus egg and the perfect quantity of nutmeg.  Don’t ask me about the recipe.  It’s different every time.  Rarely do I take the time to write it down.  If you want recipes, and photos of amazing food go to Smitten Kitchen or visit Lisa at The Cutting Edge of Ordinary.  These ladies make me drool.  Besides I’ve never been able to take a good photo of a quiche, it’s just too neutral, but I bet Lisa could.

The girls made their own salads, to their own requirements.

Boo:  spinach, lettuce, tomato, broccoli, carrot, celery, egg, cheese

Ems:  spinach, tomato, broccoli, red onion, egg, cheese (Ems thought she hated salads until she discovered you can make them with spinach instead of lettuce).

It’s a shame really that there are so many complaints about children who won’t eat properly.  Eat healthy foods.  Because if you get them involved, if they become a part of the process, the preparation, they are so much more apt to try new things.  When they get choices, they have choices, they will find what their preferences are.

I don’t know.  I’m off on a tangent today.

Today it is raining, and very, very cold.  A bone chilling damp kind of cold.  Tonight I will make black bean soup with chorizo.  I will take it with leftover quiche tomorrow for lunch.  Tonight I will stop by the Italian place down the street, pick up a pizza, we will curl up on the couch with a quilt and eat pizza and watch television and pretend it is not a school night.


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Bought Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules”.  Bought the Christmas issue of Jamie Oliver’s magazine.  Watched River Cottage. Bumped into my Mom four times in the grocery, ate her magnificent dinner.  Wanted her salad dressing recipe, there is no recipe, this and that.    Bought four pomegranates and froze the seeds of two.  Went to the farm but no one was home.  Cleaned my refrigerator, organized my cupboards.  Mopped my floor after a container of extra-dark cocoa fell and exploded all over the floor.  Emptied the compost, then decided to take a walk.  Inhaled fresh air for once.

Remembered that I gave up gardening last summer.  Dreamed again of planting lettuces, of carrots and beans….dreamed of rows of veggies and herbs, dreamed of a bearded, shaggy haired man reaching across the rows with dirty hands, dreamed of warm sunshine and green shoots.  Went inside and started a stew, from scratch.  No recipe.  This and that.

Made twisty rolls with Boo, watched the bread rise, apparently not enough.  Fun twists looked a bit like dog poo piles and tasted like pretzels, with poppy seeds….or poopy seeds.  Made last minute brownies with Ems.  Dark chocolate brownies, with a small glass of milk.  Dished up stew and rolls and brownies to take next door.

I love food.  There is no denying it.

Life is too short to not have good food, a good wine.

The kitchen is clean, closed for the evening.

A good weekend.


–Michael Pollan, Food Rules


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Happy New Year


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School Lunch Redo

Ems and I were standing in line at the checkout at the grocery store.  I was ogling Southern Living and the gorgeous pumpkin pie on the cover, when Ems said to me.

“Mommy, I don’t understand why they can’t change school lunches.  I mean why can’t they make them like a lunch you pack me.  You could have one section where you pick your sandwich and it could be peanut butter and jelly, or turkey or ham or chicken salad, then you could pick a fruit.  They could have apples here and bananas or pears next to them.  And then down there on the end they could have the chips and stuff for a snack.  It would be so much better”.

She has a major point.  Why can’t they change school lunches?  I know they probably get like $0.23 to feed each child and so much of our food is caught up in a corporate nightmare, but really.  Can the school board and the county and the state and even our Federal government not have the wisdom of an eight year old.

It’s something I’ve considered over the last year or two.  Not so much for my kids.  I pack their lunches everyday.  That way they get fresh fruit and organic milk, but what about the other children.  The ones who we deem it so important that they get a meal every morning that we feed them donuts, honeybuns and Pigglesticks (pankcake wrapped sausage, for those not in the know).  Perhaps some of these kids wouldn’t get a breakfast at all, I get that  point.  Our school is a Title 1 school meaning that there is a high poverty level.  It’s based on the percentage of children who qualify for free or reduced lunches.

And I realize that children aren’t asking for fresh pears and chicken salad with apples and almonds.  I’ve watched Jamie’s School Dinners enough to know this.  They want cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets because that’s what they are used to.  I’ve seen the carts of those around me in the grocery.  I’ve seen the lines at McDonalds and I’ve also seen Food Inc, so I realize it’s not always easy for those on a limited income to afford fresh, wholesome food.

Ack, it’s a giant mess of a problem.  I just thought it was an interesting thought coming from my daughter and has jarred my noggin enough to want me to check into it a bit further.  In the meantime, she’s  good to go.  Chicken salad sandwiches and fresh pears.

Now if only I could get Boo on the bandwagon……..


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