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180° South

There are those movies that change your life.  That after viewing you see things completely differently.   This is one of those documentaries.  My mother recommended this movie to me.  She said everyone should see this movie.  I didn’t realize until I was into it and saw Chris Malloy that  it was a Malloys film.  As in the same Malloys that film with Jack Johnson, that the soundtrack that is now downloaded and playing is from Brushfire Records.  As if all the surfing didn’t give it away point blank.

Regardless, here is what this film gave me.

A belief in living your dreams.  A belief in doing.  A belief in saying YES to life.  A belief that people can do good.  A belief in how beautiful this world is.  A belief in putting less stock in things and more in experiences.  A belief that one experience can change your life and what you choose to do with it as it did for the original crew in 1968.

I don’t want to climb mountains…too afraid of heights.  I want to learn to surf though those waves seem just a little bit scary.

But I want to stop thinking myself out of the things I want to do.  One life.  One chance.  What if we just said yes.

We have one life.  We have one planet.  What we choose to do with both of those things is our choice.

I cannot make a big enough recommendation.  I was blown away.  So many wise and wonderful things were said, so much beauty.

More info is here.



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Food Inc.

Will you be watching?????



And if by some strange reason you have never heard Michael Pollan speak, here is an amazing interview with Bill Moyers (a favorite journalist). 

(Mom, you will have to watch when everyone leaves work, or at my house on Saturday, but of course you have already read Michael Pollan.)





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Stupid Movies


I am trying to branch out and try different types of movies I normally wouldn’t choose (read: anything with James McAvoy in it, repeatedly).  So I stopped at the Redbox Friday and picked up “Nights In Rodanthe”.  I really enjoy both Richard Gere and Diane Lane and a story about a newly separated mother finding love again.  Well, how could I refuse.  So what if it is from a Nicholas Sparks book?

So, movie FAIL.  I really enjoyed it but I ended up sobbing on the couch at midnight.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this was a stupid movie.  It really did grab me and I thought it was a lovely redemption type movie for people trying to work through their past.  I think that (for me at least) movies need to come with a rating system designed to let me know just how miserably crying I am going to be at the end.  So in the tissue rating system, ummm, call this one a box.

I just wanted a happily ever after.

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