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Wordless Wednesday: Forget Spring, Where’s Summer



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Wordless Wednesday: Be Gone Gloomy Days


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Wordless Wednesday: Home-Nova Scotia Style


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Away We Go…

Thanks to my step-father for the photo of Nova Scotia waiting for us.

It’s time now.  For vacation.  Work is done.  Ten days until I will be back.  The bags are almost packed.  The refrigerator holds nothing but veggies for the rabbit.  I have the passports and six books to try to read.  I will still sweep the floors.  Kiss the dog and cat goodbye.  Hugs to the neighbors (ie: the grandparents).  The house here will be quiet.  Be without our usual presence.  No little girl footsteps running around.  No music in the background. No laughing or arguing.  We are taking our energy northward.

I’ve emailed friends.  Sorted the mail.  Given the last approvals for the new blog.  I wonder how I will do without this computer for over a week.

Enjoy your summer days friends.  They are going so fast.

As always stay healthy, stay grateful, and feel loved.

See you on the other side of rest.


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Running To A Stand Still

Is how I feel right now.  In one way, I feel like I’m running and running to accomplish so much and getting nothing really completed.  I’ve fizzled out.  So I made banana nut muffins this morning instead of pancakes.  The Sunday morning pancakes just seemed a bit much and we had some old nasty bananas sitting around.  I love how old nasty bananas can become what the girls said this morning “came straight down from heaven”.

I’m running toward a rest too.  We leave for vacation next Saturday.  For nine glorious days of no obligations besides getting to Nova Scotia and getting back.  So then I will rest.  Relax.  Maybe even pick up a book?

I went to take a photo in my starry night moss out back because it’s my favorite place and it was all dried up and brown.  The green is here but it doesn’t seem as bright it did in spring.  I think I just need a change of place. Cross borders.  Away from the busy.  Away from the normal.  Away from the familiar. To walk along the ocean.  Watch the waters from the river and the ocean meet and come away again.

I bought two more memory cards for the camera.  I expect there will be too much to actually capture.


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Today I needed a reminder to love summer.  Hot, sticky, humidity, had to have been in the 100’s today.  The air conditioner is working it’s behind off to keep us at near 80.  Energy consumption is up and just plain energy is down.

This morning I woke and saw a flurry of butterflies dancing high in the mimosa tree.  It was a needed nudge.  A reminder that each season must come and go.  That this may not be my time.  Perhaps it is the butterflies time.  They are everywhere, dancing, feeding.  So have your time butterflies.  Enjoy the dance while it lasts.  I will let you enjoy and I will hide out here at the computer and work with photos until I’ve lost track of all time.


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Wordless Wednesday: Bare Feet & Tree Swings


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