CSA Week 5 :: Bits and Bobs

Since we aren’t particuliarly focusing on one crop this week, I though I would just write a little bit about what is going on in my kitchen with our crops.

Right now we are seeing curly leaf kale added into our mix, and don’t you love it? The flat leaf kale is easy to fold over and slice out the stem if you don’t care for it, but the curly leaf is even easier. Just run your fingers down the stem and watch all the leaf fall away around you. My kale gets a wash and then a chop up and goes straight to the freezer. I would hope that some of you have tried the recipes I’ve shared here of the kale variety, but the truth is mine never makes it to the pan. I am a morning smoothie queen and these kale bits make the start that much better. The best thing is that if you properly dry the kale leaves with paper towel or a dish towel, you can simple pop the chopped leaves into a bread or English muffin wrapper and tie it off to pull out later. Great way to reuse those bags!

You may have noticed a tiny critter or two making their way home with you in your bag or box. A side effect of organic crops. Believe me, I would rather a random tiny spider or itty bitty green worm than a chemical cocktail that I cannot see. I will take the trade off any day. We are a “kill-free” home and so I have collected the couple I have found and ushered them out of doors. Some may find that silly, I suppose a paper towel or the side of a knife would work as well at removing them from your dinner.


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